Envisioning a company that was able to offer personally tailored, unbiased, independent financial and investment advice, Paul Hughes and Scott Hughes founded Hughes Financial Services, LLC, in 2009.  From the beginning, our mission has been to partner with our clients – individuals and families in or nearing retirement – so we can understand your life situation and provide personalized and objective solutions that work towards achieving your unique financial goals and objectives. We get to know you – listening to your stories and learning what is important to you – and use our experience and knowledge as financial advisors to have a positive impact on your life, your goals and your dreams.

Whether you are looking to retire in a few years or want to start planning for your future now, a good plan starts with a good partnership. We invite you to explore Hughes Financial Services as your potential partner for your financial and investment planning needs.

To learn more about HFS, please Compare Hughes Financial Services to those of your current advisor or other financial advisors you may be considering.


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Scott Hughes, CFP®, MBA, quoted in Kiplinger Magazine (November 2017) "How to Provide Financial Help to Aging Parents"

CNBC article financial planning market returns Scott Hughes Hughes Financial ServicesScott Hughes, CFP®, MBA, quoted in CNBC article, "Tax Season Just Started. Here's What You Need to Know"


CNBC article financial planning market returns Scott Hughes Hughes Financial ServicesHughes Financial Services Financial Advisor, Scott Hughes, CFP®, MBA, Quoted in CNBC Article, "'Ordinary' Investors Expect An 8.5 Percent Return"


Do you need a second opinion on your investments? Thinking about retiring and have questions? Just getting started? We can help. Attend one of our educational workshops to learn about our firm or call us to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our advisors.


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Everyday, cybersecurity issues are hitting the news and it's not just your credit and debit numbers you have to worry about anymore. These issues are now as inevitable as death and taxes. In this special report, we'll offer suggestions on how you can improve your security and keep your identity safe!

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