Saving and preparing for retirement has become an increasingly difficult task as the base programs for many retirement plans such as Social Security and Medicare face long-term fiscal challenges and further diminish many Americans’ confidence in enjoying financial security during their retirement years.

Fortunately, government and public employees may benefit from other retirement income sources such as the Deferred Retirement Option Program (DROP). 

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However, making investment choices when planning for retirement can be challenging as you'll need to navigate through decisions about asset class allocations, investment strategies, and market risks. Some may enjoy this type of challenge but for others, making these choices can be daunting or you may feel you don’t have the time, skill or experience to “do it yourself.” These are not the only factors that will need to be addressed; pre-retirees will also need to consider tax implications, survivor options, COLA’s, and pay increases.

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Local 2068: Fairfax County Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics

For over 23 years, Hughes Financial Services has been providing comprehensive financial and retirement planning services to many active and retired Fairfax County employees, including members from the County’s Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics of Local 2068. We are proud to offer you our financial planning expertise and resources to help you determine what the best options and strategies are to ensure your financial security in retirement. 

We’ve been honored to have helped many of your members make the transition into retirement by learning about their life situations and combining research and careful planning to craft a personalized, effective strategy to help them meet their goals and dreams. 

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