Tax Reduction Strategies

Rising taxes are a concern for many individuals approaching and already in retirement. Just about every major financial decision you make has a tax consequence so it’s important to incorporate tax planning into your financial decisions. Taxes can erode your earnings and savings - and compromise your financial plan, whether it’s for you and your family or for your business. 

Our role is to manage your investments with an eye toward how taxes will impact your returns. Taxes can take a significant chunk out of your portfolio and a robo-advisor's algorithm isn't going to help you figure out how to keep more of your assets. We will. On an ongoing basis, we work with you to identify and implement tax-appropriate investment strategies and plan for significant tax events to minimize your tax burden and reduce your income taxes.

While we believe detailed tax advice is the responsibility of a qualified accounting professional, your tax concerns are always a priority at Hughes Financial Services. For clients who require the services of a tax professional, we are happy to work with your tax preparer or help match you with an appropriate referral from our network of financial professionals.